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+ {\begin{list}{}%
+ {\setlength{\leftmargin}{300pt}}%
+ \item[]%
+ }
+ {\end{list}}
+\large{\textbf{Winter Solstice Greetings \hfill 2021}}
+Hello to all my friends and family.
+Unbelievably, this is the eighth time I'm writing to you all for the solstice season.
+It's become tradition to look back at old letters as I sit down to write.
+Today is the first large snow storm of the year, but I am warm and comfortable writing at my lovely desk.
+My Endlers Livebearer fish gave birth just a few days ago, so I am taking frequent breaks to enjoy watching the very cute fry.
+ \begin{center}
+ \includegraphics[width=0.4\textwidth]{"./death-camp.jpg"}
+ \end{center}
+I was lucky enough to go on \emph{many} great vacations this year.
+I'd like to highlight three, starting with the trip to California I took with my good friend Tyler over the labor day holiday.
+We flew into San Fransisco where we were graciously hosted by Jim and Tracy in their beautiful home.
+We stopped by Claire's family in Napa and Tyler's home town of San Ramon.
+We then traveled down Big Sur to a beautiful ocean-side campground near Santa Barbara.
+We visited Tyler's uncle before heading inland to spend a night among giants in Sequoia National Forest.
+Finally, we camped for two nights in Death Valley.
+We had the entire campground to ourselves (see left)!
+Death Valley was definitely the highlight for me, especially the drive through Titus Canyon and the night sky.
+ \begin{center}
+ \includegraphics[width=0.4\textwidth]{"./porcupine.jpg"}
+ \end{center}
+In July my good friends Claire and Ralph Till visited me for a hiking adventure in the Midwest.
+We drove from Madison to Michigan's upper peninsula, where we spent several days hiking through the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness.
+It's been years since I've been backpacking, and it was a new experience for Claire and Ralph.
+The Porcupine Mountains were amazing---very private campsites with long trails and very few people.
+For hours we hiked along the southern coast of Lake Superior, enjoying the dramatic geometric shapes of the rocky shoreline.
+Here (right) we three are---tired but happy near the end of our hike.
+ \begin{center}
+ \includegraphics[width=0.4\textwidth]{"./lake-superior.JPG"}
+ \end{center}
+Near the end of September Kevin and I spent a few days exploring Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota.
+It ended up being a tour of many waterfalls.
+We started by camping in Amnicon Falls State Park and visiting Big Manitou Falls (highest in Wisconsin).
+We then camped in Tettegouche State Park (below), where we had our own small private beach with signature Lake Superior pebbles.
+We spent several days exploring the northern coast of Lake Superior---full of picturesque waterfalls, dramatic coastlines, and cozy small towns.
+We'll have to go back soon.
+I'm feeling grateful for all the joy I have experienced this year.
+I continue to learn and grow in my professional life.
+Congratulations to Kate and Steve on their marriage.
+Thanks to all who have been great friends, especially Zach, Mark, Darien, Kyle, my Bates Buds, and the Wednesday night game crew.
+Wishing you and yours a happy new year. Stay in touch!
+Blaise Jonathan Thompson \\*
+\hspace{0pt} \\
+725 W Washington Ave. Apt 306 \\*
+Madison, Wisconsin 53715 \\*
+\hspace{0pt} \\
+1-424-225-2493 \\* \\*
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+#+TITLE: winter solstice letter recipients
+* DONE Alexander Moore
+2816 Messanie St
+St Joseph, MO 64501
+* DONE King Family (Cypress, Jaxson, two children Jonathan and Grace)
+723 Andy Nowling Rd
+Defuniak Springs, FL 32433
+* DONE Linda Thompson
+1 Hogtown Bayou Lane
+Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459
+* DONE Alisha Nielsen
+31140 Rhea Valley Rd.
+Meadowview, VA 24361
+* DONE Bill Goebel
+2413 Calypso Rd
+Apt 2
+Madison WI 53704
+* DONE Catherine Elliott
+4044 Park Ave
+Minneapolis, MN 55407
+* DONE Collin Engstrom
+2852 59th St NW
+Apt 218
+Rochester MN 55901
+* DONE Czech Family (Kyle, Emily, Danny)
+420 Fairway St
+Mt Horeb, WI 53572
+* DONE Darien Morrow and Kaitlyn Fischer
+16W505 Mockingbird Lane
+Willowbrook, IL 60527
+* DONE Elizabeth Breuer
+3402 Rutland-Dunn Townline Rd
+Stoughton WI 53589
+* DONE Felix Radford
+140 Cottage Street 3FR
+New Haven CT 06511
+* DONE Hannah Frame
+660 Maryland Ave
+Apt 12R
+Pittsburgh PA 15232
+* DONE Justin Earley
+1830 Denver West Dr.
+Apt 2432
+Golden, CO 80401
+* DONE Kate Webber & Steve Burger
+96 Bowdoinham Rd
+Sabattus ME 04280
+* DONE Katherine Taylor
+418 Admiral Cove
+Tarpon Springs FL 34689
+* DONE Kevin Michaels
+#302 523 W Wilson St
+Madison, WI 53703
+* DONE Kyle Sunden
+1009 N Sunnyvale Ln Unit D
+Madison, WI, 53713
+* DONE Margaret Pickoff
+166 Nassau St
+Apt 3, Princeton, NJ 08542
+* DONE Mark Jochem
+PO Box 162,
+Sun Prairie, WI 53590
+* DONE Nathaniel Nielsen
+1450 Marclair Dr.
+Apt. A
+Concord CA 94521
+* DONE Nathan Neff-Mallon
+1830 Northwestern Ave
+Madison WI 53704
+* DONE Nina Halperin
+Calle Italia 157
+Dpto. 602
+Cercado de Lima 15074
+* DONE Parker/Eckert Family
+4482 Medowlark Court
+Napa CA 95668
+* DONE Sam Price
+1124 St Clement St
+Iowa City, IA 52245
+* DONE Sarah Charley
+Sarah Charley
+149 Route de Divonne
+01210 Versonnex, France
+* DONE The Truninger
+902 W.8th St.
+Davenport IA 52802
+* DONE The Boyers
+1338 San Miguel Ave
+Santa Barbara CA 93109
+* DONE The Kohler Family
+5713 Dorsett Dr.
+Madison WI 53711
+* DONE The Manlys
+17821 E Baintree Ave.
+Roland Heights, CA 91748
+* DONE The Nielsens
+746 Keeler Ave
+Berkeley CA 94708
+* DONE The Thompsons
+827 Brown St
+Iowa City IA 52245
+* DONE The Till Family (Claire & Ralph)
+656 Grotzman Rd,
+Arcata, CA 95521
+* DONE The Wright Family (John & Carol)
+1550 Trusler Circle,
+Oregon WI 53575
+* DONE Zach Ott
+915 Ellis Ave
+Apt 212
+Baraboo, WI 53913
+* DONE Paul Hudson
+1132 Morraine View Dr
+apt 101
+Madison WI 53719