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-\textbf{{\centering \Large Wisconsin Photoreactor Platform \\ Fabrication and Operation Guide \\}}
+\textbf{{\centering \huge Wisconsin Photoreactor Platform \\ Fabrication and Operation Guide \\}}
\vspace{10mm} %5mm vertical space
@@ -518,6 +518,7 @@ A single 12V 2 A power supply is sufficient to drive 2 WPP devices simultaneousl
A switch can be installed between the WPP apparatus and power supply to provide power switching.
A light-blocking shield should be used with WPP devices to limit light exposure.
Reaction and photon source cooling is provided by the fan integrated into the base.
Additional cooling can be achieved through placement of fans above the WPP apparatus or by placing a WPP device on a stir plate within a refrigerator or cold room.
@@ -606,7 +607,7 @@ Care must be taken to ensure the light-blocking shield employed adequately block
A 3D printable light-blocking cover module for WPP devices is provided in the 'photoreactor-light-shield' subdirectory of the project repository.
The WPP light shield prevents direct exposure of users to light emitted by WPP photon sources.
-We recommend printing the WPP light shield using black filament is recommended to reduce light bounce (Figure 24).
+We recommend printing the WPP light shield using black filament to minimize light bounce (Figure 24).
Use of light-filtering safety glasses alongside a light-blocking shield can provide additional protection from high-intensity light.
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